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Process and Services

Environmentally conscious solutions for the long term sustainability of our company, our customers and our planet.


  • Interior and Structural Demolition Services
  • Hand and Mechanical Demolition
  • Scrap Metal Preparation
  • Removal and preparation of concrete for recycling effort
  • Structural Engineering to support demolition activities


  • An environmentally-friendly alternative to demolition.
  • Trained deconstruction crews carefully deconstruct the building to salvage as many of the reusable materials as possible, diverting them from local landfills
  • Salvaged items typically include doors, windows, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, framing lumber, roofing materials, and flooring
  • These items are then donated to Habitat for Humanity and other charitable organisations with storefronts


  • Recycle rate of 90% to include concrete crushing and wood grinding
  • Generation of potential revenues to clients
  • Deconstruction of any size building